Asia Business Unit is an independent communications agency that provides readers in Asian business circles with news of the latest investment opportunities worldwide and practical information on key markets well beyond the frontiers of Asia.

Asia Business Unit combines the allocation of resources, effort and personnel to develop in-depth and thorough country and market profiles.

Our practice is to interview leading economic and political authorities to accurately illustrate the business of the developing world, giving you the latest news right from the source. Our objective is to present comprehensive analysis to a business savvy audience.

In order to ensure that our information and analyses get to their destination, Asia Business Unit has gone to one of the region's most well-known publications. A special arrangement for distribution of a series of sponsored supplements with the South China Morning Post means that the reports of Asia Business Unit will reach the right people.


Through this partnership between Asia Business Unit and the South China Morning Post, we can provide you with access to a truly influential, affluent and targeted readership that extends into Hong Kong and Greater China.